Monday, August 1, 2011

On Friday, I was cleaning out what I think are the last few boxes that came with me when I moved to Oklahoma. While I was in college in Texas, my bedroom at home became a sort of dumping ground for everything that no one else wanted, and so when I moved, I gathered it all up and brought it up here with me. The boxes have been sitting in our garage for two years now, but I think we're finally ready for a garage sale now that they've been sorted.

I found a lot of awesome stuff tucked inside those boxes while I was cleaning them out, though. Check out these oldies that emerged on Friday:

Both are rubber, for the 1950s, and needed some serious clean-up. But aren't they adorable? After a little digging on ebay, I found what they're actually called, but I can't remember now ('cause I'm awesome and didn't write it down). I haven't decided what to name them yet, but I do know I'll have quite a bit of fun making clothes for them to wear.

Patsyette and Takumi aren't quite sure what to think of these young new whippersnappers, but I bet they warm up before long. ^.^

I also found a vintage cheerleading doll from the 1940s and was going to find her a new home, but then it occurred to me that she is the perfect size to be a doll for my 18" AG dolls, as she is about the same size as the AG mini's. No pictures of her yet.

And while we're on the topic of dolls, here are a few fun finds for the Barbies:

See that ottoman? Any guesses on what it actually is?

That's right, it's an empty jewelry box! I'm thinking of "reupholstering" it, but since it's empty on the inside, it's great for storing tiny accessories!

And who doesn't love arcade games? This was a really old Dairy Queen kid's meal toy that I found in the boxes in the garage. I want to add legs to it so it can stand on it's own, but it should be a fun addition to Ken's bachelor pad.

And lastly, while we were at Staples yesterday picking up some awesome deals, I noticed that they had these tiny little boxes on sale for a quarter. I picked up some to hold tiny crafting supplies in my bedroom, but I also grabbed a couple of pink ones, because they're the perfect size for Barbie!

What can I say? An awesome dollhouse is all about the details and having a creative mind. Now if only Jason would actually *build* me a dollhouse like he's said he will. =p Then I could move them off the bookshelf they're currently crowded onto!