Monday, May 17, 2010

I Can't Pronounce Muskogee.

Ok, first off, I'm still not used to using Picasa for picture editing, so it's an epic fight-to-the-death every time I open it. I risked my life to bring you these pictures, so YOU BETTER LOOK AT THEM! *ridiculous and ultimately harmless snarly face*

Do you think they would mind if I moved into this giant tree? Yes? Ok....

What about if I moved into one of their gypsy carts?

Jason and Derek said the ribs were fantastic.

Loved the guys at the blacksmith shop! They were so nice!

Derek thinks he's all bad with his stabby fork, but little does he know that I have a SPORK hidden in my bra! Victory shall be mine!

Jason wants a falcon, but I've got my hands full trying not to get bitten by my cockatiel.

Me: "Did you just get the fleeting inclination to kick the stilts out from under him and run away cackling?"
Jason: "Yup."
Me: "Figured."

Intimidated much? Pssh. Don't be. Jason's harmless.

We heard people talking about the flood damage to faerie village.

Unfortunately, when we got home we discovered that there had been massive hail while we were off playing with street actors. =( Jason and Derek both lost the back window in their cars, but at least one of our nice neighbors put tarps over the cars to keep the insides relatively dry. This morning, I let the dogs out in a backyard completely plastered in leaves:

The beagles aren't sure what to think....

Well, it's the next best thing to actually having grass, I guess. I'm surprised there are any leaves left on the trees!

Crazy Oklahoma weather - bright and sunshiny in Muskogee, and insane storms just two and a half hours away in the city. I guess Mother Nature knew I was looking forward to the Renn Faire and didn't want to screw it up for me. <3

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