Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Playlist Tuesday (A Work in Progress)

My, my, how time does fly. Yeah, I'm still alive. I keep meaning to post - about grad school, and the fun I have in Obsidian, adorable pictures of my pets, fantastical adventures with my husband and friends....But it seems I never finish writing the posts that I start. Anyway, we'll get around to all of that in due course.

Today, and perhaps most Tuesdays from now on, I'm here to talk about music. I don't feel like being chatty, so I'll keep this relatively brief. I just thought I would mention some of the fantastic sounds I've recently added to my playlists. I encourage you to check any of them out, but I will warn you - I have strange musical tastes. These aren't artists for mainstreamers.

Joanna Newsom's album The Milk-Eyes Mender
She has a voice you will either love or hate, but it is guaranteed to make you think, "WTF?" upon the first listen. The songs and lyrics are very whimsical and imaginative, which is probably one of the more prominent reasons I love her.

Mediaeval Baebes' album The Rose
These ladies sing song in old and middle English. It's a great album to listen to when you're curled up with a new fantasy novel. The song below is very haunting and makes me think of sirens luring beguiled sailors to their watery graves.

Phildel's EP Tales from the Moonsea
Like the group above, Phildel is a fantasy singer whose music goes well with stories of elves and dragons, but her sound is lighter and more playful than the Baebes'. In fact, it can be downright lullaby-esque.

Priscilla Ahn's album A Good Day
I've had this singer's song "Dream" on my (almost completely forgotten) Myspace profile for at least a year now. This is the typical, sweet sound I'm often listening to; calming and beautiful and filled with wonderment. ^.^

Well, that's that. Now you know what I've been listening to these past two weeks while I commute back and forth to school, mop the floor for the fifteenth time this week, cuddle with my puppies, go cycling with Jason, read, role-play online, or any other variety of activities that could use a good soundtrack.

Cheers, see ya soon.