Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What To Do With Too Many Large Picture Frames

Here we are, five days into the new year (Huzzah for 2011! A pox on 2010!), and that means I am five days behind schedule in getting this blog up and running again. In my defense, however, that isn't entirely because I was being lazy, but rather because my aura of anti-technology had been pissing my computer off lately. It keeps locking me out of the network drives, which happens to be where everything gets saved or imported to. It surprised me and let me in today, though, so I'm taking advantage while I have access.

Today's topic wasn't at the top of the list for posts I wanted to start with, but it's the one I've got finished enough to write about, so there you have it.

I've recently been faced with a dilemma in that I've used all my small 4x6 and 5x7 picture frames and was left with a bunch of 8x10s. Since I prefer small pictures and have a bunch still left to be framed and hung, it occurred to me: why pay money to buy new frames and just keep all these big frames waiting for large pictures that I will probably never have, when I can just get creative and use the big ones I already own? Therefore, the solution to my problem:

Take some smaller pictures, add some scrapbooking paper/cut-outs, and put them in a cute vintage frame, and ta-da! Killing two birds with one stone. I also love this idea because it allows me to embellish the photos and add captions or titles. Plus, you don't have to use scrapbooking paper - you can use any piece of scrap paper that will fit a 8x10 frame. I plan on making one with pictures of my dad using a copy of his retirement order from the Air Force as the background.

These are the only two I have finished right now, but I printed off a bunch more pictures of my current dogs this morning, so you'll probably see new ones posted in a few days.

As an aside, the pictures featured in the frames above are of Gomer, my first miniature Dachshund and best friend when I was a pre-teen, and also KP, my second miniature Dachshund, Baby the terrier mix, and Scott the giant Shetland Sheepdog, who is, coincidentally, the father to my sweet Oscar, Piper, and KiKi. Who'd have thought? Gomer, KP, Baby, and Scott are no longer with us, but clearly, I haven't forgotten them.

Speaking of the dogs, we've finally scheduled a neuter appointment for both Munchie and Big Boy for later this month, and it's about time. The testosterone in this house is about to drive me over the edge.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates coming soon, but for now, it's time I go take down our little Christmas tree.

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